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Gumballs Dungeons On Pc

Gumballs & Dungeons(G&D)

Developer: Qcplay Limited.

Category: Strategy


If you love roguelike challenges and creepy mazes, then Gumballs & Dungeons is the game for you. Immerse yourself in a unique game that allows you to play as an anti-hero. Furthermore, explore various dungeons packed with treasures and monsters. Collect treasures and build an army to conquer the Celestial City. Aside from that, test your skills by exploring tricky dungeons filled with various entities and contraptions. Ultimately, enhance your characters and become the king of Gumballs & Dungeons today!

A Mysterious Adventure Awaits!

Gumballs & Dungeons also known as G&D is a free-to-play strategy game for mobile published by Qcplay Limited in 2015 for Android and 2016 for the IOS. As implied by the title, the game allows players to play as a gumball monster who loves to explore dungeons. Unlike other games, players of G&D take the role of a monster constantly hunted by the hero or an antihero for short. Moreover, Gumballs & Dungeons come with a wide collection of dungeons or mazes that players can explore. Each maze comes with its own unique set of challenges and obstacles.

In addition, the features a diverse roster made up of over 200 collectible gumballs each one equipped with unique skills and abilities. Apart from the dungeon mazes, players will also have the chance to explore the skies and build an army capable of conquering the Celestial City. Since its official launch, Gumballs & Dungeons has managed to accumulate millions of downloads on IOS and Android. It also has high ratings from the App Store and Playstore. Therefore, you’ll surely want to try this game on your PC for free!

Explore & Experience the Epic Gumballs & Dungeons PC

Gumballs & Dungeons begins with a short introduction in a comics-themed presentation. After the intro, the game will take you straight to your hideout to begin the tutorial. The tutorial will cover the basic mechanics and elements of the game. Just follow the simple instructions and you should be ok. Additionally, Gumballs & Dungeons despite its cute and cartooney characters is still a strategy game. That means that the game packs a decent challenge, especially for newbies. Your mission is to successfully clear each maze and collect the treasures within.

In G&D, you will also have the chance to unlock other gumballs as you progress further in the game. With the more than 200 gumballs available, you’ll soon realize that they have different skills. Their skills will help you throughout your epic adventure in the dungeons. So make sure to collect as many as you can!

Game Features

  • Immersive and fun narrative to experience
  • A plethora of gumballs to collect – over 200 gumballs available
  • A huge collection of roguelike mazes with different gameplay
  • Epic boss fights to immerse strategically
  • Read the many wonderful stories in the game

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