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Idle Heroes


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Form a team of powerful idle heroes and lead them into battle against the forces of darkness. This is what you’ll do in the idle RPG game named Idle Heroes PC. Published by DHGAMES, it’s an action role playing game where you get to acquire and train powerful heroes and use them in battle. Make sure to train your heroes well because the enemy that you’ll fight is powerful.

Overall, Idle Heroes is a fun game that provides much good content and awesome gameplay. Hence, you’ll definitely enjoy playing Idle Heroes on PC, especially if you love epic action and battle. To help you understand how the game works, continue reading as we’ll discuss more on this idle RPG’s gameplay.

How to Play Idle Heroes for PC

Like with many RPGs, you will undergo a tutorial if you play Idle Heroes on PC for the first time. The first thing you’ll learn about the game is acquiring your heroes. And you do this by summoning. Your first few summonses will be available for free. But after that, it will cost you scrolls.

Moreover, you will also learn about the different summonings in the game. One thing that you’ll do is a basic summon, but there’s also a heroic summon and friendship summon. The heroic summon is where you can get higher-starred heroes. After summoning, the next step is to learn about the battle sequence. Now, the great thing about Idle Heroes on PC is that it has an auto-battle option. This means that your heroes will be the ones to automatically attack, including casting skills.

Once you’ve completed your first battle, you learn about fusion summon. It’s another way to acquire heroes, but you’ll need enough fusion shards for it.

The goal in Idle Heroes on PC is to form a team of powerful heroes. However, acquiring strong heroes is just one step. After that, you also need to upgrade and develop your heroes. This includes increasing their stars. Apart from that, heroes also fall under certain classes, and each class would have an advantage and disadvantage against certain classes.

To get stronger and acquire more resources, you’ll have to participate in battles. In Idle Heroes online, you’ll find many different battles for you to participate in, such as the Campaign, PVP, Events, and so on.

Exciting Features You Should Know About Idle Heroes on PC

  • Over 200 heroes are available for you to acquire and use in battle
  • Enjoy many different battles that you can participate in
  • Fight against other players to test the strength of your team
  • Train and develop your heroes
  • Craft magical weapons and gears for your heroes

Idle Heroes on PC is a fun and exciting RPG. It’s a game you won’t regret playing. If you’re looking for other similar RPGs, then you should also try Mobile Legends Adventure or One-Punch Man Road To Hero. They’re exciting RPGs you can play for free.

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