Plants vs Zombies Free: Award-Winning TD Game on PC

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Plants vs. Zombies Free


Category: Strategy

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Version 2.9.07

Winner of over 30 Game of the Year awards and a genre-defining classic, this game redefined the tower-defense genre. Plants vs Zombies for PC is the funniest and most exciting TD against the undead! Your only tools of survival are your living breathing plants who will defend your lawn. Get to experience Plants vs Zombies free of charge on your PC today. You can find the Plants vs Zombies game download here.

There’s a Zombie on Your Lawn

You, plants, and zombies. What could go wrong, right? Well, let’s say society has gone down the drain and every living person is fending off for their own lives. So, what do you do in a post-apocalyptic situation like this? Defend your territory with unique and powerful plants, of course!. Your plants are the soldiers that will defend you against the hungry zombies waiting outside your lawn.

And, just like any stereotypical brainless zombie, they will come in waves as hordes. They will appear on your front yard, the backyard, and even your rooftop. Deploy peashooters, wall-nuts, potato mines, watermelon catapults, and cherry bombs against the relentless zombies. They will stop at nothing until every one of them will have a morsel of your brain.

But, don’t underestimate the zombies; they can come in all forms and sizes. Some are fast, some are slow, and some are cleverly agile. Plants vs Zombies on PC is the best way to go.

Playing Plants vs Zombies Free

You will need to connect Plants vs Zombies online if you wish to keep the game free to play. This is because the game runs on advertisements so you can play it without charge. If you are tired of the ads, you can always just buy the game.

Remember the basics: you need sunflowers to build energy. Use this energy to plant down vegetable and fruity defenses on each lane. No lane is safer than the other so make sure you plan your strategy right. Gradually, the game gets harder as the later stages will require you to do micromanagement and multitask on each lane. It can get very chaotic but that’s where the real fun begins.

Plants vs Zombies Game Features

  • Classic 2D tower defense gameplay.
  • Plenty of replay value.
  • Can complete the game for free.
  • Lots of great challenges and strategies.
  • Unlock all plants through different missions.

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