Fight Solo or Team Up With Various Brawlers on Brawl Stars PC

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Brawl Stars



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From the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale comes this new multiplayer battle game, Brawl Stars! Start a brawl against friends and other players and show off your unique fighting skills in an open arena. Be known as the best and strongest brawler by leading the rankings in your local and regional leaderboards! Earn enough power points, evolve your brawler, win in many game modes, and participate in special events to make this happen.

Brawl In Various Modes

The Brawl Stars game has several modes. You can actually play solo or fight in competitive multiplayer modes of your choosing. There are also several multiplayer modes that you can choose from. There’s Gem Grab, a 3×3 multiplayer mode where you and your team should come up with a strategy to defeat the opposing team. Aside from that, your team should be the first to collect 10 gems to win!

Bounty is another 3×3 multiplayer mode where the squad with the most stars collected will win the match. Heist is also a 3×3 multiplayer mode where each team has to protect their own safety while trying to loot the opponent’s treasures!

Lastly, Brawl Ball is a 3×3 multiplayer mode where each team has to show off their skills in football. The team that can score two goals above the other team will win! For those who don’t want to go on multiplayer mode, you can choose Showdown, a solo or duo mode which is basically an ultimate fight for survival. The last brawler standing will win in this mode.

Aside from these main modes, there are also special events that players can participate in a limited amount of time. Special events usually host PvP game modes and PvE game modes from time to time. By participating in these events, players can get free resources and special in-game awards. Just watch out for game updates to be in the loop of the newest events and game modes that Brawl Stars has to offer.

Unlock, Upgrade, Evolve, & Customize Brawlers

Brawlers are not just typical preset characters in the game, they can be upgraded and customized to suit your personal preference. Players can unlock different types of brawlers in the game after rising the ranks. Each brawler has special abilities that can be upgraded and evolved once players get enough power points. Power attacks and special abilities can help you win more battles – if you know how to use them properly.

Most of all, there are unique skins that players can collect and use for the customization of their brawlers. New skins are also added via game updates and free resources from other Brawl Stars online players.

Brawl Stars PC: Game Features

  • Enjoy the ultimate battle royale game in solo or multiplayer mode.
  • Choose from 4 main multiplayer modes and a Solo or Duo mode.
  • Participate in special PvP and PvE modes.
  • Evolve your brawlers and customize them with unique skins.
  • Join clubs to share tips and strategies with other players.

The game is completely free to download and play, but in-app purchases are also available for players who want to amass more resources right away. You can also choose to turn off in-app purchases through the device’s settings. Brawl Stars is suitable only for players aged 13 years old and above.

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