10 of the Best Ship Games to Play Today

Posted on November 11, 2022
Best Ship Games To Play

The sea offers incredible adventures that we all love to do. But we don’t talk here about surfboards and jet skis but adventures of a higher level. If you think about the war that takes place in the sea, there are ship games that will supplement that. Fortunately, EmulatorPC brings all the high-end games that you can try on your PC.

Each of them offers an interactive gameplay experience that you will never forget. There are many ship games out there that you can try playing. If you want the action you can immerse in on the sea, we have got your back. In this blog, we will talk about the 10 games that you can play here on the EmulatorPC platform.

Action is not an exact word to describe each of them because they are more than that. They will make you engage in sea missions with incredible stories to immerse yourself in. So grab your coffee or tea to know each of them and try them later at your pace.

Battle Bay

Consider it as a battle royale that extends to ship games, Battle Bay lets you step into action-packed battles. The game will allow you to fight against other enemy ships in a bay along with your teammates. You can upgrade the action by using your strategies to shoot other enemy ships. With these strategies, you can assure that there is a measure you can use while fighting.

The game environment where you will fight is not an open sea. That is why you need to measure all sorts of space where you can position yourself. But that is up to you once you are entering sea battles. Measurements always vary, and you should also consider the weapons you have.



World of Warships Blitz: Gunship Action War Game

Wars in the sea are as deadly as any wars happening on the mainland and air. But the trick in World of Warship Blitz was to keep your warships from sinking in deadly battles. Fortunately, you can now play with big ships entering into an open ocean. Wargaming is giving you the favor of playing with over 100 legendary battleships used in war. Choose from the legendary ships which are from Japan, USSR, USA, Germany, and UK.



Gunship Battle Total Warfare

Published by JOYCITY Corp., Gunship Battle Total Warfare offers intense sea battle gameplay. The game allows you to collect an armada of ships with aircraft and vehicles. Not just that, you can also play the game with your family and friends and compete in sea battles. You can gain in these sea battles the alliance that can help you in advance in the game. With its macro-level view in its interface, fight along with your alliance against other enemy ships.

Gunship Battle Total Warfare


MODERN WARSHIPS: Sea Battle Online

Commanding a warship is no easy responsibility. That is what you have to accomplish while playing Modern Warships. The game brings an action-packed battle environment where you will manage a warship. This is not an ordinary warship but a fleet with essential war features.

Choose from over 30 warship models that resemble the warships you have seen in the real world. The game allows you to compete in epic PvP sea battles. This is where you can craft your strategy and execute an effective command. With your powerful ship equipped with destructive weapons, conquer the sea with your might.

Modern Warships Naval Battles


Battle of Warships: Online

Entering epic sea battles in a videogame is a satisfying experience. That is exactly the same feeling when you play Battle of Warships Online. This game simulates the epic sea battles you possibly imagine, and it is extraordinary.

Even more interesting is you can enter these sea battles with your competitive team. The looks of your ships are not limited to what it looks like in the beginning. The game allows you to customize your warship with high-caliber weapons. Expect action-packed gameplay full of the intense portrayal of war with your team.

Battle Of Warships



Even if you are not an enthusiast of history, this game will bring you into it. Enjoy playing from 9 different game modes where you can unleash your might in sea battles. However, not all game modes are available to play at the beginning. You need to complete the required episodes to unlock the other modes and participate in battles.

Warship Battle features the darkest sea battle experiences during World War II. As the game title suggests, you will be fighting in 3D graphics so expect realistic action. Experience high-quality naval battles as you embark on missions.

Warship Battle 3d


Gunship Strike 3D

The majority of the best warships always have a backup force that can supplement their might. You got it right if helicopters are the first vehicle that comes to your mind. Gunship Strike 3D features a type of battle that takes place in the sea and mainland. Because of this, you have to be strategic in navigating these two settings to win. The best fact to know about the game is you will destroy terrorist camps. You will enjoy the 3D features that make the game more immersive to play.

Gunship Strike 3d


Ships of Battle Age of Pirates

Having the Caribbean feel in ship games is a fascinating experience. That is brought to the next level by Ships of Battle Age of Pirates. This strategy game will introduce you to a role that you cannot deny. Being a pirate captain is the role where you will attack other enemy ships to steal. That is exciting, right? If you say yes, enjoy the action-packed battles for the sake of loot.

Ships Of Battle


Pirate Code – PvP Battles at Sea

Being a pirate takes a lot of gut and nerve, so you can explore many adventures. That will happen if you play Pirate Code on your PC. This game will take you into PvP battles against other naval ships. Play in 5v5 naval matches online and unleash the full blast of strategies as you play. Explore the different coasts and defeat monsters like the Kraken.

The game allows you to choose from over 12 battleship designs. Each of them has unique features that can help you fight against other ships. The most interesting part is you can customize your battleship with high-end weapons.

Pirate Code Gameplay


Battlecruisers: RTS for Tablets

You probably have an appetite for 2D sea battles. Mecha Weka brings you Battlecruisers where you fight against other battlecruisers. It happens in an apocalyptic world dominated by a powerful robot. Having tons of weaponry makes it more powerfully destructive. But you have what it takes to destroy it and prove your might. Compete against other players and unlock more battle cruisers to gain an edge.

Battlecruisers Gameplay


Bottom Line

Ship games are fun and thrilling games to play. Check out how you can also manage your ships by playing the games mentioned above! For more updates about them in the future, always stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.

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