Shadow Fight 2 – Awesome Fighting Game on PC

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Shadow Fight 2

Developer: Action

Category: Action

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Version 2.10.1

If you are looking for a fun action fighting game to play, then you should consider playing Shadow Fight 2. It’s published by Nekki and also has a bit of role-playing and adventure. It’s a sequel to the hit Facebook game that garnered millions of users worldwide. It follows the story of a skilled combatant named Shadow who defied his ancestors’ rules and opened the Gates of Shadow.

He freed the demons that were trapped inside the gate and he turned into a shadow silhouette himself. To see how great this game is, proceed to the next section. We’ll discuss how to play Shadow Fight 2.

Destroying Enemies in Shadow Fight 2

When you start playing Shadow Fight 2, there’s a short tutorial to teach you about the gameplay. The first order of business will be a fight. It will be like a practice since the opponent will be easy. But you still need to be careful or you might lose. Use this opportunity to get a feel of the game’s controls. There are three buttons, the strike on the right of the screen and the directional button on the left.

The directional button is what you will use for jumping, crouching, and so on. You can roll forward and backward, as well as jump forward and jump backward. Aside from moving, you can also do various attacks if you combine the direction joystick with punch or kick. Make sure to explore various combinations and attacks whenever you’re fighting. Also, try to use the joystick movement to dodge or avoid enemy attacks.

In each fight, you will need to win twice. This means a match will have a minimum of 2 rounds and a maximum of 3. You earn coins every time you complete a fight. The number of coins you earn will depend on how the fight goes. The better you perform, the more coins you get. After the practice match, you will be guided to purchase your first weapon and then proceed to challenge the boss in Act 1.

But you won’t immediately battle the boss, as you will have to defeat all his bodyguards first before fighting. It’s important to remember to equip yourself with powerful weapons and armor as the fights become harder. Aside from the story, there are also tournaments you can join to help you earn more coins in the process.

The Main Features of This Action Fighting Game

  • Acquire various weapons and armor.
  • Enjoy playing different fighting game modes.
  • Have fun with the intriguing storyline.
  • Optimized for PC Gameplay.

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